At GSA our focus is on ensuring that each and every child that joins our organization is well equiped with life lessons that can be applied beyond basketball and any sport.

Every child matters. Every child is family. We celebrate every achievement! Parents are our partners!


We Practice and Promote the following values:


We encourage the practice of being grateful. Being grateful leaves more room for focused decision making and creative thinking.


We are committed to the investment of time, talent and treasure in our youth.


We value passion, achievement and perseverance. We are inspired because we believe in what our youth can achieve through hard work and dedication.


We value opportunity because each player's success enriches us all. Personal growth and prosperity should not be limited by where someone comes from but only by how big they can dram and how determined they are to reach their dream.


We foster teamwork and encourage unselfish concern for the well-being of others. We teach our youth to reflect this concept in actions and attitudes of commitment, caring, dedication, responsiveness, and understanding.